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"Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant."

[RVG] Was a fine clan. The UK side had a collection of great players and they were just getting the credit they deserved by reaching the top or in the top 3 of every ladder they were in. Unfortunately Ripper, the CL saw it fit to close the clan.
But the UK side decided to stick together
-=B-T-A=- was born.
-=B-T-A=- are a top clan and have a very promising mohaa career ahead of them. With EssentialFish creating -=B-T-A=- Battle Through Adversity, it meant we could all continue on the hard work we had put in before.
-=B-T-A=- We will win the fire fight.

"Fall into the Battle Through Adversity"

+ Thu 24 Mar 2005 + Final tweaks before launch
+ Wed 23 Mar 2005 + New members/admin pages. Matches pages. Self edit profile
+ Wed 02 Mar 2005 + BTA Clan website account setup
+ Mon 21 Feb 2005 + -=B-T-A=- Clan setup
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